Hello Washington

2019 Great American Tiny House Show Speakers

Washington State Fairgrounds
August 3 & 4

Robin Butler

11:30 How the inspection and certification of tiny houses on wheels is good for the builder, the home owner and the tiny house movement at large.

The “three legged stool” includes, insurance, funding and placement of Tiny Houses on Wheels.


Todd McKillips

WA Tiny House Association will be speaking with Robin about current rules legalizing Tiny Home communities In Washington State.



Ann Raab

4:00 What is a GreenPod Design and Why it is the next BIG step in sustainable building

GreenPod Intelligent Environments are custom to your site and budget. The homes are energy efficient, low maintenance and non-toxic. The Structurally Insulated Panels are preconfigured in the factory and erected on site saving time and construction waste. The shell and materials used are eco-friendly and the interiors that are plant based. Learn how we designed around our artisans who created this modular home and unique furnishings.

Isabelle Nagel-Brice



Learn how to build a tiny home with high performance green building materials that function well in most climates and incorporate chemical free, carbon neutral materials as well as proper fresh air ventilation.

Isabelle Nagle-Brice of A Tiny Good Thing will guide you through the initial important steps of going tiny and what’s important to consider regarding a build of that size.

She will discuss the positive financial and environmental aspects of living with a smaller footprint as well as the legal challenges of living in a tiny house on wheels.

Topics like where to park, what size should I build?, is a tiny home the right mobile dwelling for my lifestyle? Fun design aspects to incorporate into your home, built-ins with multiple functions, etc. 

Q&A will give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. 

A Tiny Good Thing.com


Kirk Hafner

10:30 Is Solar Energy for you ?

Kirk has designed systems for the WA Department of Natural Resources, Mt Rainier National Park, and numerous folks interested in self-reliance…

Kirk Haffner, has been interested in the green energy movement for 40 years. As a former high school STEM teacher, with  a UW Masters in Physics, he realizes that solar is an excellent renewable energy source for the Northwest. Education is a key focus for our company and we participate in local events and community outreach to explain the benefits of solar. 

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Lanielyn Naylor

9:30 Learn To Cook With Big Flavor In Your Tiny Kitchen

Cooking in a small space can be challenging. Ingredients, counter space, cookware storage, fridge space are all to be included in planning your tiny kitchen. Come learn time saving tips along with healthy living tips. She will also be demonstrating 3 delicious recipes to see it all come together for the Tiny Kitchen.


Patrick Sughrue

1:00 How to build a tiny house on the cheap. Overview of approaches for stick building with wooden framing. And utilizing SIP panels. Find out about the pros/cons of purchasing new vs used trailers. Get ideas on how they can design and build their own tiny house both affordably and conscientiously.

Panel Discussion

2:30 Do you want to know the reality of living tiny? Would you like to hear, first hand what the hurdles that tiny residents have overcome to become content. How much did they spend? What do they miss? Bring your questions to this interactive session about everything tiny.