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Melanie Atkinson

Moderator,  Event Architect 

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Robin Butler

NOAH RDI, Founder

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Jarrod Tocci- G.H.O.S.T.

Digital Creator

YouTube | Design | Woodworking | VanLife | Tiny Living | Consultant | Overlanding


Mike Schmidt

Chairman/CEO of Ensemble Ventures, LLC.

Co-Founder & General Manager, Veterans Support Solutions, L3c

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Tracy Manechego-Baker

Co-Owner Tiny Building Experts

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Bob Wheeler

Architect, Distributor Biotekt

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Dan Fitzpatrick

Dan Fitzpatrick is the President of the Tiny House Industry Association (THIA) and the Director of Government Relations for the American Tiny House Association (ATHA)

Melanie Atkinson recovering {Lettuce Pusher} for 80 Acres Urban Agriculture, also known as 80 Acres Farms,  with world headquarters based Hamilton, Ohio. 80 Acres Urban Ag is the internationally recognized leader and innovator in the development of vertical farms.

She has been a culinary journeyman for the past 30 years beginning with the raising of 5 children having a keen eye for their nutritional needs.

Then later emerging as an entrepreneur and publisher of a local food magazine and even a consultant for Food Network events.

Melanie has been involved on many projects locally and nationally promoting the positive impact for the consumer from healthy food to affordable housing.


  • Publisher of Cooking byDesign

  • Event Architect, producing over 300 events since 1996, including Food Network

  • Urban Farmer-focused on sustainable agriculture interrupting the supply chain with clean food, solving world hunger

  • Promoting positive impacts for consumers from healthy food to affordable housing

Re-investor, Builder/Developer, CEO of NOAH Certified, Inc.

  • 40+ years as General Contractor, Builder/Developer: designed and built 20 Custom Octagon homes and continues to create a tiny house village with six 200 sq. ft. “Tinys” around a center core, permitted and built as a single-family dwelling.

  • Tiny House Builder: Designed and built several tiny houses on wheels (THOWs). One was included and televised as a donation to a single mom.

  • Tiny House Dweller: legally lived in a tiny house “RV” for 6 months, while building his 3-bedroom residence.

  • Founder of NOAH Certified: In 2015, while seeing the need for oversight of the construction of tiny houses on wheels, he developed a unique proprietary process that is now the #1 inspection and certification company for Tiny Houses on Wheels.

Mr. Schmidt’s technical and management experiences includes;

·      Creation of company profit centers, and program, project and product development teams for a variety of international clients.

·      Engaged in early ground-breaking work in the early days of the Video Teleconferencing Industry in the early 1980s that helped create many of the in-room VTC standards and best practices.

·      Mr. Schmidt’s early education included business administration, marketing and international studies at DeAnza College in Cupertino, CA as well as Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA. 

Mr. Schmidt is also the Co-founder and General Manager of Veterans Support Solutions, L3c, (a 5+ year old Veteran Transition Services provider and proponent for the creation of supportive VSS Veteran Villages for low cost affordable housing for Veterans and their family’s).   Mr. Schmidt also volunteers and supports the National Cyber Exchange (an online cybersecurity education and threat monitoring solution platform) in Colorado Springs as it’s Managing Director.


From 2016-2018, Mr. Schmidt, also served as the first Business Development Director of the Tiny Home Industry Association, after being recruited by one of the largest Tiny House Builders in Colorado to come in to establish many of the early goals and objectives of the association and to establish its early mission and vision to put in place the steps necessary to establish a national trade association and to implement and execute its initial industry activities including the pursuit of uniform building codes and standards for local zoning and ordinances for the Tiny House industry.  This previous effort has led to a more recent development (2021-2022) by Mr. Schmidt to participate in the development and formation of a new ASTM Tiny House Standards Committee that has over 150 contributing companies and individuals world-wide to develop industry-driven “Adaptable Building Codes and Standards”  for the creation of uniform Tiny House on Wheels and Flexible Foundations and to address the development of Tiny Home Communities and innovative Micro-Grids to sustainable support them.

Business, sales and process improvement leadership, coaching and consulting for Tiny House Industry Companies across the United States. Actively managing the sales department and consulting for Trailer Made Custom Trailers, LLC since December of 2018, increasing revenue and production successfully while helping them through a move to the Western Slopes of CO and closing multiple new B2B sales partnerships for the organization. Actively providing consulting to other Tinyhouse Industry Companies within the United States to include new Tinyhouse Companies out of California, Texas, and Colorado. Educated in zoning, ADU building code, NFPA 1192 Code, RV Certification, ANSI 119.5, Financing, Insurance, Designing, Steel Frame Kits, Delivery and more. Managing business operations for Tiny Building Experts and the Mobile Tiny House Workshop while also supporting the Tiny House industry and Non-Profits. With over 400 Tiny House RV builds of experience for Austin Baker in his career, Co-Owner and Master Builder for Tiny Building Experts and personally supporting over 200 people through their Tiny House purchase, financing, design and build phases. In 2019, Tracy personally helped impact over 187 Tinyhouse Projects, YTD with two months remaining. While we love building Tiny's on wheels, our focus is equally spent on Tiny Building Projects or ADUs. If a person or business wants a Tiny house on wheels or a foundation, steel framed or stick built, built on-site or simply wants an experienced Tiny House Builder to help with a DIY project, then this is the team for you. If you prefer we do all the work, Tiny Building Experts can do that too, just give the team a call. If you have a Veteran, disadvantaged youth, School or other community impacting support project, reach out to us to see how we may be able to help!

Working with these organizations the past six (6) years, Dan has made numerous presentations to state and local governments throughout the United States -- working with them in amending their building and land use laws, ordinances and codes in support of tiny houses. Dan is the individual responsible for legalizing movable tiny homes in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, etc., and encouraging government nationally to embrace Appendix Q (Tiny Homes).

Mr. Fitzpatrick has over 49 years of broad executive level management and administrative leadership experience in both the public and private sector. 

Dan’s government experience spans duties as Assistant City Manager for the City of Las Vegas, and in California, as Fresno County’s Chief Administrative Officer.

As a private real estate developer, Mr. Fitzpatrick has completed projects ranging from infill small lot residential subdivisions to a 26,000-acre master planned community.

For the First 30 years of my life...I have been a successful architect...owning my own residential design company...


Specializing in Residential architecture....and housing....all over the USA...and Mexico.

For the next 30 years of my life...

"I WANT TO MAKE A Difference"...in how we build homes...

Here's why I choose to represent Biotekt-

Biotekt makes a difference...in building homes....from the old stick built ways of building homes......

* Our Biotekt panels are made from 100% recycled plastics, literally fished from the ocean.

* No maintenance to the Biotekt structure for 300 years..**( amount of time to break down plastic.)

* Water-proof

* Earth-quake proof

* Tornado proof

* Fire-proof

*Water catchment

* Connect to the Geo-thermal aspects of the earth surrounding you...low heat and A/C costs...

* Completely surrounded by a Living organism..."grounded..."

* No trees are cut down or forests destroyed to build our homes.

* A copper "Faraday Cage" construction can be added to the panels to cut down on typical EMF Radiation....(optional cost.)

* Half the cost of regular construction...

* Completely SUSTAINABLE....Connected to the grid....Off the Grid...semi-off the grid...ALL VERY easy to do.

* Can be built in ANY Climate....no limitations.

* Easy for DIYers...to assemble.

Good People, Great Times, Amazing Comedy

What’s up guys, I’m Jarrod! I’m a content creator, a comedian and one of those crazy people who decided to live in a self built van that’s become my tiny home on wheels for the last two and a half years.

Jump on the train, or shall I say in the van and come on some adventures with me! Watch my adventures and follow along by watching my Vlog on YouTube, my blog or social media. Watch out though, you may just get a little inspired to do something a little crazy.