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Melanie Atkinson

Moderator,  Event Architect 

Melanie has been involved on many projects locally and nationally promoting the positive impact for the consumer from healthy food to affordable housing.


  • Publisher of Cooking byDesign Magazine

  • Event Architect, producing over 300 events since 1996, including Food Network

  • Urban Farmer-focused on sustainable agriculture interrupting the supply chain with clean food, solving world hunger

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Robin Butler

NOAH RDI, Founder

Born in Kentucky, raised in Maryland, Robin originally took over a family construction business in 1974 and has been self-employed in construction ever since. He moved to Florida in 1992 to help rebuild Homestead, Florida after Hurricane Andrew. In the summer 2015, he started NOAH Certified, a third-party inspection and certification company for tiny houses on wheels.

As Founder of NOAH Certified, Robin brings 40+ years of experience building homes. From concept to completion, he’s designed homes, drawn plans, and built homes of all sizes. His experience working with the permit department, building inspections/inspectors, and planning and zoning provide a deep body of knowledge for the inspection and certification process. 

Robin enjoys traveling the country speaking about standards and building codes for tiny houses on wheels. And, in his spare time, Robin likes to fish, snorkel and go hiking in the mountains. He is a happily married empty-nester, with four kids and seven grandkids, with three generations of family currently serving on the NOAH Certified team including Robin’s 23-year-old grandson.

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Davin Burkhart

Chief Growth Officer, Roxbox

Davin Burkhart is the Chief Growth Officer at ROXBOX Containers - a leader in shipping container and steel-framed modular solutions as a design + build firm based in Denver, CO. Having worked in the industry since 2015, he's seen the growth and development of the industry and pioneered innovative containerized solutions in numerous industries. He has a comprehensive understanding of taking a project from "napkin sketch", through design, requirements for approvals, build-out, and delivery/install. Davin strives to lift the modular and container industry up and share his wisdom.

Dan Fitzpatrick

President, Tiny House Industry Association

Dan Fitzpatrick is the President of the Tiny House Industry Association (THIA) and the Director of Government Relations for the American Tiny House Association (ATHA).

Working with these organizations the past six (6) years, Dan has made numerous presentations to state and local governments throughout the United States -- working with them in amending their building and land use laws, ordinances and codes in support of tiny houses. Dan is the individual responsible for legalizing movable tiny homes in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, etc., and encouraging government nationally to embrace Appendix Q (Tiny Homes).

Mr. Fitzpatrick has over 48 years of broad executive level management and administrative leadership experience in both the public and private sector. 

Dan’s government experience spans duties as Assistant City Manager for the City of Las Vegas, and in California, as Fresno County’s Chief Administrative Officer.

As a private real estate developer, Mr. Fitzpatrick has completed projects ranging from infill small lot residential subdivisions to a 26,000-acre master planned community.



Charlie Kern

Chrome Yellow, Co-Founder


My story of buslife begins as most do—a young, impressionable hippy finding solace in the iron arms of a diesel-powered monster. I was 19, the bus was 40, but as they say, age ain’t nothin but a number.

That business developed and started an entire new model for party busing and community-integrated transportation. It is alive and well today (www.bustoshow.org) and is one of the biggest recreational bus companies in the region. As it grew, so I continued to grow in my career as a busman. I drove school routes, field trips, party routes, weddings, music and art tours across the country, and even taking up work driving for political causes over the years.  I’ve spent hot summers and cold winters living in buses converted to many degrees of ‘domestic refinement’ and over these years have owned well over a hundred buses, lived in four, converted over ten, and have never been without one since

In the fall of 2014, I decided to build the bus I had always dreamed of so I bought a 1982 Bluebird International and began the most comprehensive conversion I had ever undertaken. I wanted to raise the roof, insulate it thoroughly, take it completely off-grid, and, most importantly, make it feel like a bus I could call home for a long time to come. I saved my money, busted my ass, made many mistakes, but by the spring of 2015 I had built what was, unquestionably, a home on wheel.

I loved being in front of the camera and was lucky enough to be asked back on two subsequent episodes before finally being approached to develop a special just about buses called, “Bus Life Ever”. That show is now regularly airing on major cable networks and these opportunities in television opened the door to professional work converting buses into homes for the imaginative—I had my first client before I had even moved into the Queen.

I approach the work I do for customers draws on my experience in bus life. I’ve made my living from living the bus life since I was 19 and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge so that my mistakes don’t become my client’s and so my experience can be passed on. When you work with me, you get to work with a team with more experience than anyone else in the business of making bus life a reality.

The bus provides.

Lindsay Wood

Experience Tiny Homes CEO

Lindsay Wood, "The Tiny Home Lady" is the CEO of Experience Tiny Homes, on a mission to develop 100,000 Tiny Homes as affordable houses in California and across the US.
Lindsay also guides people dreaming of going Tiny through the GO TINY! Academy focusing on a 6 step process of realizing their Dream Tiny Home.

Lindsay has been featured in articles by KUSI TV, Good Morning San Diego, Inman Media, Business Insider, Mercury News, Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, Tiny East Bay Times, and Common Ground, among others.