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Sleep in it, Poop in it before Building it =)

When you listen to podcasters, panel discussions, bloggers, a common thread is the recommendation to 'try before you buy.' in this case build your tiny dream. Great. Let's find out! From coast to coast you can vacation in tiny homes, tree houses, glamping tents, but what about living in one??

I'm a guilty consumer, desiring to be an ethical consumer. For example when I travel, I know whatever toiletry in the morning is all I need to travel with, actually it's all I need, period. but I like selection, so I have a variety of styles and colors of X. In this case X is lip stick, gloss, lip liner, chapstick in reds, pinks, oranges, bright colors, basic colors, something will match my mood (this minute!). I have to face it: my cosmetics look like a Sephora store. So how can I retrain my brain to be satisfied with 3 or 4 so I can live tiny? I want to change my buying patterns. I try, but I'm not successful, yet.

On the Tiny Life Journey, I've met hundreds of people. Successful people that have purged and lived. There is hope! Let's flip the discussion to Tiny House Design. Many people have an idea of what they want. An idea of how it will work, what the entry costs are, ownership ongoing costs, the benefits, but what about living daily? Give this a GO-

Camptel is an RV park with more than RV's. They build and rent Tiny Houses, Converted Shipping Container Houses, Glamping Tents, and they have Campers too. Camptel is located on Cedar Key. Connect with Camptel @

Shipping Container Conversion

Tiny House

Cedar Key Location


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