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Is Van Life for Me?

by Lyn Colley, The Tiny Optimist

Well if you like Ford Transits or Mercedes Sprinter Vans, it just might be! Whether you start with a luxury line or an economy model, the point is to START! Freedom Van Go has a custom shop that can do the whole conversion for you or you can DIY and contract them to do the heavy lifting, like cutting holes for the electric upgrades. They have component kits for electric to ease installation fears.

"Freedom converts 8-12 supercharged vans a year and touches another 220. Wheels, tire suspension, electric are primary work flows," says partner Grant Wilson. I caught up with Grant at the Tampa Tiny House Show in January 2021. Grant focuses on the modular efficiencies of the base models, like the Sprinter and Transit, it makes plug and play of components easier. They have developed supply chain relationships to make the DIY conversion that anyone can do. Grant says, "If you have the motivation, research, and able to interpret UTube videos, to enhance your skill level, you can do it."

Don't miss Freedom Van Go at the JAX Tiny House Show May 15 & 16.


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