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Insulation Matter Matters- Beer Coolers?

by Lyn Colley, The Tiny Optimist

In the last 2 years I've seen insulation move from Tyvek to Foam Spray and now Beer Cooler Insulation is ruling the scene.

Many factors influence your decisions like overall weight, efficiency, anticipated weather at your destination location, fire codes, hurricane codes-how do you prioritize? Is the build movable? Will heat/cold penetrate the floor as adverse weather occurs?

The answer is: Insulation Matters! Alot.

Boxanna has an insulation product that is also bulletproof...Want to know more? Maybe bulletproof is an unintended consequence, but good to know an added safety feature while maintaining eco-friendly integrity of building is possible. The new sustainable product is called LitePan. See Boxvanna Models on display May 15 ^ 16 @GreatAmericanTinyHouse.Show

LitePan is an advanced building system of composite materials.

LitePan® is a high-performance composite that transforms modular building with its light weight and intense durability. Compared to old-fashioned building

Prefab Wall

Installs in Hours

Manufactured in Naples Fl

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