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2020 For Event-Based Companies

A pandemic shows us where the real fighting spirit is. I personally reached back into my religion when COVID-19 became a global scale attack. I knew for quite some time I had been floating away from God and now it feels like opening a book from my childhood is the equivalent of dialing a friend I haven't talked to in years. The main devastation is not being able to see the progress the Tiny House companies are making. The exhibitors and seminar speakers are intriguing but feeling the energy that the Tiny Builders put into the details of the houses they present at the shows has been a sorry loss for 2020. Moving forward into next year, I can't wait to see how the industry has changed. As for starting as the writer for this blog here is what I would like to accomplish within the next 3 months (December 2020- February 2021):

  • Routine Tuesday updates of all social media

This includes a Tuesday Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and I post an informal Tik Tok for personal progress.

  • Real monthly blog posts aka spotlighting businesses, looking at show progress, the legislature updates of the type of tiny houses we're trying to make available in the economy, and tiny house philosophy.


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