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PM Green Energy, LLC



PM Green Energy is the developer of the only off-grid, solar-powered tiny home for the disaster relief housing market. We provide self-powered housing solutions for those living and working without electricity or usable infrastructure following natural or manmade disasters.

Our housing solution operates entirely off-grid

Our patented ROGUE solar technology harvests, stores and converts solar energy on-site, effectively making each housing unit its own utility. Our solution eliminates the time delay and cost of creating a temporary grid for livable housing, the on-going cost of purchasing electricity for those houses and the risk of being without power when temporary grid interruptions occur.

​Free from the constraints of being grid or generator (and fuel) dependent

The ROGUE system can operate in areas where infrastructure has been devastated by natural or manmade disasters and where power is unavailable, unreliable (outages) or unclean (electrical spikes). Without the noise, noxious fumes and reliance on expensive, often unavailable fuel for diesel generators, we sustainably deliver power where it’s needed the most.

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