Sunday feature

Meet Hosts of

Tiny House Nation

John Weisbarth & Zack Giffin


Seminars Sunday 

10:30a & 2:00p


The Tiny House Movement,

How it Started and

Where it is Headed

10:30a Saturday/Noon Sunday

Book Release and Signing!

Meet author Brynn Burger and learn from her experiences of living tiny, finding the simple joys in life.

Less is more!

Robin Butler

9:30a Saturday /3:30p Sunday 

Tiny Houses a Vision to Freedom seminar

Robin Butler is the President and CEO of NOAH. a trade association for alternative housing. He is co-chair the ICC (International Code Council) subgroup working to recognize Best Practices and Innovation in Code Administration. He has presented to hundreds of Tiny Housers and has always proven to be informative and enlightening.

Robin will be presenting a seminar called “Tiny Houses A Vision to Freedom”

Topics covered:

  1. What is a tiny home?

  2. What are the two (or more) paths to living legally full time in a Movable Tiny Home.

  3. Why use third-party inspection method to inspect and certify Tiny Houses on Wheels.

  4. And using Tiny Homes as investments on Air BnB.

There will be a Q&A time permitting.

Brynn Burger

Panel Discussion

12:30a Saturday

Do you want to know the reality of living tiny? Would you like to hear, first hand what the hurdles that tiny residents have overcome to become content. How much did they spend? What do they miss? Bring your questions to this interactive session about everything tiny.

Zach & John

10:30p  and 2:00p Sunday

TV Hosts Zach & John are coming to Austin!

 Meet and talk to John and Zach about their experiences in the Tiny House Movement. Find out how it started and where its going. Seating is limited.

Jill Kanto

2:00p Saturday/1:00p Sunday

Parking & Tiny House Communities

Jill Kanto, founder of, lives in her DIY tiny house with her family. She spent many years studying, visiting and workshopping communities. She travels to Tiny House Festivals speaking about:

  • The spectrum of available communities (& other tiny house parking options)

  • The pros & cons of each type of community 

  • Resources for joining or starting a community

  • Common mistakes when founding a community 

  • Tools for working together efficiently. is a free online directory of Tiny House communities, including informal backyard parking, tiny-friendly RV parks, tiny-only villages & mixed-housing.

Rebecca Powers

2:30p Saturday/9:30a Sunday

Rebecca Powers is the Sales Manager of Village Farm, a dynamic Agrihood tiny home community in Northeast Austin. Powers is a self-proclaimed tiny home specialist, ecovillage enthusiast, connoisseur of intentional community, and advocate for the Agrihood. Powers is passionate about promoting tiny home living, food forestry, net-zero energy, and self-sufficiency. Powers aims to build community, common unity, as a viable alternative to traditional residential development. Q&A 


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